Dinner Clubs

An Opportunity to get to Know Each Other better

We join Rotary because we want to join like-minded people who want to make a positive difference wherever we can in the world. We meet each week but have limited opportunities to spend much time talking to each other. The Dinner Club program offers opportunities for us to get to know each other better by having a set group of members and their significant others spend three hours or so once each month for 4 months in a row for appetizers, dinner, and lots of talk. Not only do we get to know each other much better, but get to meet and know significant others, as well.

Here is how it works. The organizers, who are currently Buzz and Joan Stillinger, request interest in the program beginning about one month before the start of a new 4-month cycle. This is done through live and email announcements. Members do not need to have a significant other or may choose to come alone even if they do. Once the list of interested people is assembled, the organizers break the list into groups of about 8, and for each group and for the first of the four months only, assigns a host who is to provide the venue, the main course, and drinks, those to bring salad and bread, those to bring an appetizer and veggie, and those to bring a dessert. This first host communicates with the others in that group to find a mutually acceptable date and time to have their first dinner together. For the three remaining months the responsibilities rotate with the host going to dessert, salad and bread moving up to host, etc. for the dinner in the second month. The organizers usually spell this out at the beginning. All should bring their calendars to the first dinner so that the group can begin to set the dates and times of the dinners during the next three months.

Some wish to participate but can’t commit for all four months. They can express their availability and the organizers will try to accommodate them, or they may become substitutes for “regulars” who may find they have a last-minute conflict.
Near the end of the 4-month cycle, requests to participate in the next four months will be made, and the organizers will reassign those interested with an attempt to assign a different mix of couples and singles in each group.

To express your interest or to ask questions, please contact Buzz at bjstillinger@verizon.net.