How to Join


1) Applicant fills out application (could be the fill-in-the-blanks version).
2) Send application to president for confirmation and ask to send out to all Board Members before Board Meeting.
3) Get Alan or Henry to do “Fireside Chat” with applicant.
4) If Board Meeting weeks away, ask President if can do Email vote for Board approval.
5) After Board approval, application sent out to entire membership so they have time to voice any concerns (bylaws call for 10 days). Wendy can send application out upon request.
6) If no objections let the President know the applicant is officially approved and ask to schedule an induction as soon as possible.
7) Choose a Board Member mentor and provide mentor with red-to-blue-badge-checklist.
8) After Board approval, reach out to Bill Hatchel an ask him to order a red badge and welcome packet for the induction.
9) Advise applicant they are approved right away and set day/time to introduce new member to their mentor “over coffee.”

1) Let candidate know that this process can take weeks.
2) Keep candidate in the loop about Board approval and, then, Club approval.