Press Release

Parole Rotary Sponsors Broadneck Exchange Student to Brazil

Tuesday, August 16, 2022
By: Gene Deems
Sara Oliver, a 17-year-old Rotary Interact student at Broadneck High School.Sara Oliver, a 17-year-old Rotary Interact student at Broadneck High School, has just arrived in Sorocaba, Brazil to begin a year living and studying sponsored by the Rotary Club of Parole (Annapolis). Even though she graduated from Broadneck in three years, her schooling will be the equivalent of the second half of her junior year and the first half of her senior year in Brazil.

Sara began her application process two years ago, but it was postponed because of the pandemic.
Brazil was not her first choice, but she has accepted Brazil with open arms and is very excited about her adventure.

Sarah’s mother, Mrs. Randy Oliver, accompanied her to the club’s July 12, 2022, meeting and Sara was introduced by Ric Myers, the District Youth Coordinator.

Sorocaba is a municipality in the state of São Paulo located in the southern part of Brazil. Its climate is subtropical, and her seasons there will be just the opposite of ours in the Northern Hemisphere.

The club solicits online applications from local Interact and Rotaract clubs, although non-affiliated students are also eligible. Applicants are asked to list up to five countries in order of preference, they are then interviewed by club and district members, and the final decision in matching the student with a country is made by the district taking availability and potential restrictions into consideration.

To sponsor an exchange student the club needs to express interest to Ric Myers at the district level and pay $1,000 to the district for each sponsorship. The funds are used by the district for the administration of the youth programs.After selection the exchange student is administered by the club while the district provides supervision, guidance, and training. Applications are made available early in August each year and must be submitted by the end of October. During the exchange period both the district and the club stay in touch with the student, and the student is requested to submit monthly reports.

The Parole Rotary Club will be sponsoring another exchange student starting on August 20. This will be a student from Indonesia who will attend Broadneck High School. She will be introduced to the club at the August 23 meeting.