Summer Picnic

The Parole Rotary Club is a very busy club with its fundraising activities and at times needs some rest and relaxation. As the Social Director I have helped organize some social events for the club. In the summer we have our annual picnic party. This past year we chose the Community field with picnic tables in Scott Gregory’s neighborhood in Annapolis for the event. Then we got our trusted chefs, Ed Kumian, Tom and Amy Ryan to prepare and barbeque chicken pieces and beef burgers and I picked up the wine and beer. We asked everyone to bring a side dish or salad to the picnic. To alleviate any anxious moments we contracted with a porta potty company to have one unit stationed near the picnic. Unfortunately, due to pumping considerations we could only place it on the grass near the main road which was about a hundred yards from the picnic. So much for our laser focused preparation. Then the weather came in to play. We had scheduled for the Saturday but the forecast was for severe storms so we postponed until the Sunday. Naturally, the storms never materialized. In spite of all that the picnic was a great success with more than 35 people attending and fully enjoying themselves. Tony Reed